The Centro Tori Chiacchierini boast the largest seed bank of the Chianina breed, preserving a genetic heritage dating back over 40 years. In recent years, it has increased the number of bulls with milk aptitude, entertaining commercial relationships directly with foreign countries. The commercial division of the Bull Center can organize product exports, interfacing with different types of customers such as breeders, retailers or other Centres, who intend to purchase Italian genetics (Chianina, Buffalo Mediterraneo, Marchigiana, Podolica, Romagnola), fulfilling all health and commercial obligations that may arise.

Our Products

The products offered by Centro Tori Chiacchierini have strong versatility, meeting the needs of all operators in the livestock sector. We propose genetic lines to be used in purebred, for the improvement of the breed traits and the increase of performance. In the case of crossbreeders, to enhance the appearance of the crossbreeds, both in terms of production attitude (yield to the stalk) and meat quality (marbling, tenderness, health aspects).