Discover the history of the Centro Tori Chiacchierini, present in the territory of Perugia for more than 50 years. From the breeding of the Chianina breed to other precious breedings.

The Centro Tori Chiacchierini has decades of experience in the selection of Chianina breeders. The history of Bull and Buffalo Center was born more than 50 years ago when only Chianina cattle were bred in the area of Perugia. Over time, it has extended its expertise to the selection of the major breeds of cattle with milk aptitude (Holstein Friesian) and valuable breeds for meat production (Chianina, Marchigiana, Podolica, Romagnola, Limousine, Blanc Bleu Belge). 

Since 2000, the selection activity has been further developed and differentiated through the implementation of a progeny program conducted on the Mediterranean Buffalo. This trying to enhance the genetic specificities that characterize our country.

The Developments in the last few years

The Centro Tori Chiacchierini boast the largest seed bank of the Chianina breed, preserving a genetic heritage dating back over 40 years. In recent years, the Bull and Buffalo Center has increased the number of bulls with milk aptitude, entertaining commercial relationships directly with foreign countries. The commercial division of the company can organize product exports, interfacing with different types of customers such as breeders, retailers or other Centres, who intend to purchase Italian genetics (Chianina, Buffalo Mediterraneo, Marchigiana, Podolica, Romagnola), fulfilling all health and commercial obligations that may arise.