The Centro Tori Chiacchierini is specialized in the production and marketing of seminal material for beef, able to satisfy the different needs of beef breeders, whether they are to take care of morphological aspects of the herd, breed characters, maternal aptitudes and ease of birth, gestation length, temperament; but also the birth weight and daily increase to achieve important yields at slaughter.

The Bull and Buffalo Centre boasts the seed bank of the founding bulls of the Chianina breed, one of the oldest and most important Italian beef breeds. Particular attention is given to all Italian beef breeds such as Marchigiana, Romagnola, Piemontese, Podolica, Maremmana, Pezzata Rossa beef line. 

Special consideration is given to the choice of Limousine bulls, both Italian and French genetics (INTERLIM dealer), and Charolaise.

Also, Belgian Blue breed plays an important role for the Centro Tori Chiacchierini; are selected bulls that can best express their qualities in crossbreeding with dairy cows while minimizing problems at calving and ensuring at the same time, important daily weight increases.

The Bull and Buffalo Centre also has an important experience in the production and marketing of Chianina breed embryos, certified for sale in Italy and abroad, complete with all health certifications.

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