Discover the corporate mission of Centro Tori Chiacchierini, Italian bull and buffalo breeding, present in the territory of Perugia for more than 50 years. High Quality and Safety are the fundamental characteristics of the company.

The Centro Tori Chiacchierini has always been in the Italian buffalo and bulls breeding market, as a synonym of reliability and safety in production. It falls within a company body that extends for about 20 hectares. These represent a sanitary cordon able to completely isolate the animals’ stables.

It should also be noted that the area that includes the farm has a very low zootechnical density. For this reason, the Bull and Buffalo Centre is equipped with an insect-proof quarantine stable, recognized at ministerial level, for the monitoring of the spread of B.T. These characteristics and the constant control of the national health service and the farm veterinarian, have ensured that the breeding for bulls in Perugia was awarded the recognition to operate nationally and internationally, not least the license to export to China.

The company’s policy and mission, as well as the health safety of the product, are focused on the continuous improvement of production and breeding of bulls, referring to the current international standards. All the semen produced is subject to qualitative sampling by the Istituto Sperimentale Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani, the institution responsible for this.

The strength of the Centre is, therefore, the management capacity to reconcile health safety (bulls are tested every 45/55 days and those for export every 28 days) with the high quality of production. All this, enhanced and proposed to the customer through an efficient commercial structure of the company.